Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The big bad wolf

Beware! The Big Bad Wolf has been spotted near St Pius X Catholic School! He has blood soaked tallons and razor sharp fangs that can only take one bite and you are done for the rest of your life. He can even tower over you and you will run away just like that. Remember that he is nimble and can be right beside you right away. He is a horrible and nasty wolf. His face is ugly and it is even covered with coarse fur. He his big two evil eyes and one nasty big mouth. He is so strong that went he gets you and you try to run away,trust me that won’t happen. He will open his mouth with blood soaked fangs and eat you up in one whole bite. The big bad wolf is a meat eater so that means when he sees people he sneak around their back and open his horrible mouth and eat them up. When you see the big bad wolf don’t try to be nice because he is mean and ruthless and he is also sneaky.      

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