Thursday, July 4, 2013


Let me introduce to you, my friend Jesus. Jesus is a really helpful man and a kind man. He helps people that needs help. He also performed miracles. Jesus's love never fails on us no matter what we do that is not right. He heals people that are sick and other kinds of people. Jesus loves everyone of us also don't forget that he always forgives us no matter what we do that hurts his heart. The Father's son is a respectful man and he will never turn away from us.

Jesus is a humble man and a loving man. Like when we do something that is really bad he never gives up loving us. The son of God is a faithful man and a caring man. He is the only one that shows all the virtues in his life and he never forgets them,like we do. He cares for us and he always stands up for us like our mum and dad would. 

To me, Jesus is my rock because when I am in a hard time he can help me to become peaceful.  

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