Thursday, July 11, 2013

Term Two Reflection

My highlight for this whole term was learning about how Christians come to know God through worship. I enjoyed learning about this because I really like learning different stuff about God or Jesus so that I know more about God and his son. One of my best highlight that I really enjoyed doing was training with the year seven netball team. I enjoyed training with the year seven team because I like trying different kinds of sport. 

For this whole term, it seemed like nothing was boring to me it was all fun and exciting. 

I am looking forward to next term because we having two kiwi sports in the term and they are rugby league and badminton. I am looking forward to that because, like I said I like to try different kinds of sport.

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Sonya said...

Hello Jane.... I really like your Reflection from the week. I especially like how you explain what you enjoyed and what you didn't. Keep up the great work:)

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