Friday, July 31, 2015

Warrior's Visit

On Wednesday morning we had a special visit from the Warriors. We had two players who came along in the visit and they were Ken Maumalo and David Bhana. To start of the day we had to sing our school prayer. Afterwards David and Ken introduced themselves to everyone. Following on we got a chance to play a few games with them. The game was similar to “who am I”. When the game finally finished, some of the boys were brought up to play a little rugby game with Ken and David. When all the activities were done we then got a chance to ask them questions. Some of the questions were about their appearances and some were about their personal lives. It was a fun and exciting morning. They brought laughter and enjoyment to start off with the day. Before our visitor's left we took a few photographs with them.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How Maui slowed the sun

Kia ora koutou
This week for Maori week our group decided to read the story of How Maui slowed the sun. Maui was tired of having to rush his chores and gather food before sunset. He set a trap for the sun and beaten the sun up and told him to travel slowly across the sky. From that day until today the sun still travel's slowly across the sun. This story sounded a bit funny to me because according to the scientist the sun doesn't move the earth moves.

Friday, July 24, 2015


On Tuesday 21st of July we had a netball game against Sylvia Park.

Once I arrived to the netball court I saw my team waiting with my teacher. Everyone seemed confident and looked proud that we’re representing our school. Meanwhile our coach arrived and we began to do some warm up just before the game starts. “Ding” the bell rang, “time for us to shine” I said. I felt nervous but I couldn’t let my team see that because I needed them to play with courage . I had a lot of faith in myself and in them that we can win this as a team. As the game goes on I can see that some of the girls were losing their attitude. From time to time I start to see that my team was falling apart. They were playing with anger because we were losing points. At the end of the game most of the girls were disappointed because we lost. I didn’t let that pull us back. I knew I had to say something before I lose my team. I told them that we played well even though we lost but at least we gave it all we had. I started to say a few more words to them and they slowly began to calm down. Everyone of them were confused that we lost because we came a long way winning and we had our hopes to win this last game. Sadly we didn’t win but I guess we all took this game as a lesson for next time.

Holiday Recount

The last day of school I had been really busy at the hospital which is why I didn’t make it to school.

Everyone's waiting patiently but I wasn’t, I was everywhere because I couldn’t keep my excitement to myself. I think some of my family member were a bit annoyed of my reaction towards the good news they were spreading. I was totally filled with joy and couldn’t even think about anything else. Waiting  patiently was too long for me to hold and I was making a big fuss about it.

Finally the moment had come. My little nephew had finally arrive into the world. We all entered the room and saw him lying down on his mothers chest. He was a little greedy boy because his arrival had stolen everyone's heart from the very beginning. Everyone got a chance to hold him, I was the first to actually say welcome to the world “Francis”. He’s a really cute, tiny little boy. No words can explain how over the moon I was when he arrived.

Later on that day we headed home and that whole afternoon I spent holding him and giving him a nice warm cuddle. He is irreplaceable, in my family’s heart that is where he’ll always be. Last year on my mother’s birthday she wished to have a grandchild on her 40th birthday. She was filled with smiles when her wish had been granted. I spend my whole holiday babysitting my little nephew.

All the time waiting patiently in the hospital was worth it. No words can describe how excited we all were on that day. I wish Francis a happy and peaceful life. I am really looking forward for his future.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Lectio Divina

Today I have learnt Lectio Divina. Lectio Divina is a type of traditional prayer that has a prayerful reading. This is my prayer during Lectio Divina. 

Dear almighty God, you wanted us to forgive one another like you had forgiven us. At this time of silence I ask you to give me the strength to be able to forgive those around me. Amen

I think Lectio Divina is a really helpful prayer. It had taught me a different way to pray.