Friday, July 24, 2015


On Tuesday 21st of July we had a netball game against Sylvia Park.

Once I arrived to the netball court I saw my team waiting with my teacher. Everyone seemed confident and looked proud that we’re representing our school. Meanwhile our coach arrived and we began to do some warm up just before the game starts. “Ding” the bell rang, “time for us to shine” I said. I felt nervous but I couldn’t let my team see that because I needed them to play with courage . I had a lot of faith in myself and in them that we can win this as a team. As the game goes on I can see that some of the girls were losing their attitude. From time to time I start to see that my team was falling apart. They were playing with anger because we were losing points. At the end of the game most of the girls were disappointed because we lost. I didn’t let that pull us back. I knew I had to say something before I lose my team. I told them that we played well even though we lost but at least we gave it all we had. I started to say a few more words to them and they slowly began to calm down. Everyone of them were confused that we lost because we came a long way winning and we had our hopes to win this last game. Sadly we didn’t win but I guess we all took this game as a lesson for next time.

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