Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cultural Festival


On Thursday 12th of November we had an exciting event rolling our way. As a school activity we had to go sailing. It was part of the year eight and seven activity week. I was really excited about it, since it was my first time experiencing sailing. I thought I was the only one who haven’t been sailing before, but ninety nine percent of the class haven’t been to sailing. We only had one person in our class that had done sailing, he was a year seven student.
When we arrived at Kohimarama beach we saw a young man waiting for us. He was our instructor and he gave us a few instruction of how to set up a sailing boat. We had to partner up and try to set up our boat, following the instructions he showed us. After that we had to push our boats to the shore. We waited there because our instructor (Reuben) had a few questions that he needed to ask us. We had to try and feel where the wind was coming from. It was a bit complicated but we managed to get the right answer. After that we began to push our boats into the ocean and untied it from the trailer. My partner went first and gosh he was good. When it was my turn I felt scared. I didn’t even want to go but I knew I had to try. I was fearing the fact that I’ll fall off the boat. The wind was blowing strongly and my nerves were getting higher then usual.  The boat went faster and faster I really enjoyed the ride. “It’s not that bad” I said to myself. Until when my boat almost flipped over. I was very shocked, I thought I was going to drown. Then light brought me back, I managed to get myself up and move to the other side of the boat. 

We had a few exchanging turns and then we had to finish up. We got changed into warm dry clothes and then ate our lunch. While we were eating our lunch our instructor was giving out certificates. We all had a certificate and said thank you to him before leaving. I learned a lot about sailing. My favourite part was controlling the boat by using the steering. I thought sailing would be boring. Surprisingly I really enjoyed sailing and so as everyone else. We had such a fun and exhausting day.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Today we had a session of Touch. The sun was shining brightly so it was a great day for a game. We all got geared up and everyone was excited. These photo's are my favorite. The photo above is when we were playing defending and attacking. I was the defender and the other person was the attacker. It was such an exhausting game, especially when the heat of the sun was burning us. The photo below was when we were practicing how to plant the ball. Our instructors, instructions were confusing for the girls because some of us didn't know what she was talking about. She was using touch language and only the boys understood her. Touch isn't as easy as it looks, playing touch you have to be fast at moving, same time thinking quickly. After the games we played we all headed back to class breathlessly. I am really looking forward for the next session of Touch. 

Communion of Saints

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Math Test

This morning we had PAT math test. I wasn't looking forward for the test. Although we had practiced a lot of mathematical problems and strategy.  I didn't want to do the test because I knew I got a low mark, the first time we got tested. The time was all I had in mind. I wanted to beat my mark from last time.Once the time was up, I felt relief. I was very proud of my self because I did the test with a positive attitude and gave it all I had. I had a really strong feeling that I did great in the test. I also hoped that I will have some improvement. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Kiwi Sport

Early this morning we had to get organized for our kiwi sport. This term for kiwi sport we had touch. In this picture it shows that we were listening to our instructor. We were given instructions of how to play a game. The game was testing our defending and thinking. When we first started it was a bit complicated. Touch seems to be an easy game but when you actually play it, you have a lot to do. When you play touch you have to think, defend and make choices all at the same time. We did a few other activities as well. The games we played taught us a lot of how to defend and pass. Everyone enjoyed playing touch and we all had fun.