Friday, September 26, 2014


This is a diorama that my group had created. We worked well as a group and managed to complete our work. We weave our ideas together even though it was hard to go with one idea but we worked as a team. We know we would've done better but our time was a struggle. Time was the biggest struggle in our work and putting inputs in our diorama was a struggle as well. But after all we've done we're all proud of what comes out of the work we did. We putted a lot of effect into this piece of art work. Also working with my group mates made it easier because we managed to go with each others ideas. We didn't plan our work before starting on our art work. I think if we did plan it we would've done twice as better then what we produce.  

The Gospel Reading

This is a poster of what I understood about the Gospel from the following Sunday.

Come work for Jesus

This is a poster of a advertisement that I created for our Teaching church stand. "Come Work for Jesus", you can work for Jesus by Helping,respecting,loving etc. I work for Jesus by helping people and  being gentle with them.
 I did this advertisement about the Great Commission.

The Teaching Church

Friday, September 12, 2014


During this week I believe that I have achieved most of my goals for maths. Which really excites me. For reading I have personal feelings that I have barely achieve any of my goals for reading. 
Writing I have achieve all of my goals and it's a great feeling knowing that I have achieve all of my goals for writing. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Expressive Writing

On Wednesday I went to a rugby tournament and girls were most welcome to join. We played our best at the tournament and became the undefeated team out of all. But sadly one of our players in the junior team was injured badly. So our game was dedicated to him and we all tried our best for him. The fear of seeing all the other teams. They seem big,tough and strong but we still kept our faith held high. Even though they seem tough, strong etc but they never played as a team. Teamwork is the key to win. Our game on the finals we’re dedicated to Frank the player who got injured. We got into the field and played our best for him we played as a team so we can win. We played humbly and we played smart. We supported one another and we kept each others faith held high. When one of our team members are losing faith we encourage them to strong.

I've picked this as my best writing because I think this is one of the writing that I've actually used interesting vocabulary.