Friday, June 21, 2013

Jonny Wartman Visit

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On Tuesday 18th of June we had a visitor that came in to room six. He came to talk about how he became a graffiti artist.  

His name is Jonny Wartman and he was raised in Christchurch. His favorite thing that he liked to do when he was young was drawing pictures. As Jonny grew older he wanted to be a graffiti artist.

After that he told us some of his stories like how he became a graffiti artist and who inspires him also what was his favorite thing. One of his favorite countries is New Zealand because he likes  travelling around the world. Not like the other country’s if you want to travel somewhere you can just drive there. When he finished talking we asked some questions about him.

Next up we all went outside and he showed us some of his graffiti art. Before he even started he said to us “what kind of picture do you guys want me to draw”. So we have to come up with something that we all agree with. The class all agreed that he should draw a sunrise. Then he asked us if we can move back because the spray can is too strong. Next up he explained to us about the spray can like what is in it and how can you use it and how many second or minute does it takes to dry up also lots of other things. When he finished explaining it to us he started to draw the picture. First he started off with the sky and then the clouds. After that he drew the beach then the sand and the flowers and all the other things that he can think off. When he was almost finished we all clapped but he said “No it’s not finished yet” so we had to stop clapping. A few minutes later room seven was coming out of their classroom but some of them just stay and watch from the window. When he finally finish we all clapped and I can hear people saying “Jack it’s cool man I want to be like him”.  After that room seven left into their classroom and carried on with their work while room six was taking photo with Jonny. When we came back to the class it was time to go home so we have to get out bags and go home.

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Sonya said...

Hello Jane I really like your recount about our visit from Jonny Wartman. I really like it how you talk about the different things that happened and putting it in order. Perhaps next time you could find ways use more writing features. But it's still good. Keep up the great work Jane I can see who you are progressing:)

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