Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Great White Shark

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How sharp is a shark teeth?The great white sharks 
teeth is about as sharp as a saw blade.
How long is a shark?
Great white shark can grow up to 25 to 

30 feet would be the maximum. 
For the females they can grow up to 26 ft and about 
18 for males. Great White Sharks usually 
grow to a length of 20 ft and (6m) long. 
Great white sharks are big when they 
are little and even bigger when they 
are adults (9'7 feet long).
How much does a Great white shark weight?
For adults great whites sharks are on an 

average between 4 to 5 meters and 
(13 to 17 feet) in length. Females are
 generally larger 
than males. They can weigh an average 
around 700 to 1100 
kilograms and (1500 to 2400 pounds). 
Giant great white sharks weights up to 
2200 kilograms and (5000 pounds).
What is a animal that can beat a great 
white shark in a battle?
A killer whale.
How many years can a Great white 
shark live up to?
A great white shark can live up to 

25 years estimate.

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