Monday, June 24, 2013

Alex Fala's Visit

On Thursday 20th of June we had a visitor that came over to talk about how he became successful and what we can do when we grow up to be successful.

His name is Alex Fala and he is half Samoan. He lived in Wellington when he was still a young boy with his family. When he was still at primary school his mum and dad split up. As the years went on Alex was forced to go to Auckland to find a job and also go to university. After a few years he found a job that he really liked. At Alex’s job he gets to travel to lots of country and get to study there. One of Alex's favorite country is Italy because he thinks it is really amazing.   

After that Alex told us some keys how to become successful. First you have to study hard and say no to your mates if they want you to do some bad. Next you have to concentrate on what you are studying about and finish work in time.

Next when Alex finished talking to us we started to ask him some questions. Like what is your favorite thing, who inspired you and a whole lot of other things.

At the end we had a photo together with Alex and then we had to go home.

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Rachel said...

Hi Jane that was a beautiful writing about Alex Fala when he came to your class. Keep that up Jane, Well done.

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