Monday, September 10, 2012

Music evening

On Thursday evening the whole school came to Saint Pius X musical evening. Everyone was invited to the hall to watch the school perform in front of the people. We began with the sign of the cross than we did a prayer from room 2 singing ‘God is love’. After that we have to say the sign of the cross in our own words.

After all the classes performing it was room three’s turn we sing ‘Puppet on a string’ first and then ‘Somewhere out there’. When we were singing ‘Puppet of a string’ I was nervous but I kept on looking at my mum so I don’t get nervous anymore.

It came to our other song, I was kind of happy to sing that song because sometimes it makes people cry. After all the class had performed in front of the people we sing the last song which was Sister Act’s song.

When we had done everything we went home ready for the next day of school.

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