Monday, September 24, 2012

Kids for Kids concert

On a cool night room three and Miss G with Miss McLoughlin went to the Kids for Kids Concert at Manukau, but we got dropped off from our mum’s and dad’s.

When we got dropped off we went to this little room where all of the kids that were in kids for kids played. Rachel and I with some other girls were playing kucklebones, we had lots of fun there but then Dina said “we only have 10 minutes” we started to get ready but I was nervous.

We did a little bit of warm up following Dina and listened to what she said. After that we had to go to our line that we were put in. I was a bit shy. After that Dina went to say a few words to the Audience.

We had to sing our first song, I was really happy because our first song was a good start. Next we had to sing the other songs that we learnt.

After that we had half time and ate a snack then we had to go back on stage. We had four more songs to go and then we were done. We sang all our songs and then Miss G had to lead us to our mum’s and dad’s.

I went home with my friend Rachel. I was proud of myself and it was a lovely night and fun too. We were all happy and we did alright with our singing too on that night.

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