Monday, September 3, 2012

Cross Country

On Friday 24 August, it was a bright and sunny day for St Pius X catholic school to have their cross country. The teachers were there to help the little ones to go the right way in their X country course. Parents were watching the little kids running, and cheering for them too. The 9 year olds were sitting up and cheering for them while we waited for their turn to go.

After the little kids cross country it was time for the big kids turn. We had to wait for our turn because it was from the 13 year old then the 12 year old and down from there. I was a bit sweaty went I was waiting for the 10 years olds turn.

When it came to the 10 year olds turn I was nervous, but luckily the boys went first then the girls. Miss G said to the boys “ready, go”, they ran and ran. Next up it was the girls turn and Miss G said “ready go”. I run as fast as I could and once I got down the hill I was puffing and I was tired. I saw the 10 year old boy walking and talking to each other so I just run past them. Even though I was tired I still tried to keep up with my age and ended up coming first.

When we had done our cross country course we had a little talk with our friends. After that Miss G said to us to say to ourselves “well done me” and we all did. Although I was tired of running I had a good day. The whole school did and what an awesome day we had from God, Fantastic.  

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