Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tom & the dragon

Once there lived a little boy named Tom. One day Tom said to his mother "can I go and play outside the river?" His mum said 'of cause but be careful because there is a dragon who lives there and if he asks you to play with him never ever say yes, but if you do he will try to kill you, so never ever go near! the dragon”. Tom said "yes" and of  cause he went to play and the dragons mum said the same thing to the dragon. And the dragons mum said “if the people saw you they will kill you” so be careful and the dragon said “yes” then he went to play and Tom went to play too.

The dragon saw Tom and began to cry. Tom said "I won't hit you" and then the dragon said "I won't hit you too". So they became good friends and Tom's mum was friends with the dragon’s mum and they all played together and  they lived happily with one another.

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