Friday, May 11, 2012


On a sunny day room three were all happy and even other classes were too because it was our first time to learn about basketball skills so we can know more about basketball. Room three were there with Miss.G and the two coaches names were Bruce and Dwayne. They told us how to take a shot at the hoop and to dribble the ball. It was fun, we got into five teams and we had to challenge each team. Each team had a name and they were Lakers, Breakers, Bulls, Giants and Power Rangers. After that we played a game called dribbling the ball and dribbling relay and we played some other games too.

We were about to have some more games but we ran out of time, but we all enjoy our basketball and we can’t wait for the next session.

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Nunia said...

Hi Jane i like when you play that basket ball game and it really exciting and well i wish we can play that game someday se ya bye be prisiting

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