Monday, February 13, 2012

Netbook Rollout

On Thursday morning all room three were so happy because it our first time to use our own net book. Miss. G told three boys to go and help her to get the boxes that had all the net book’s so those three boy’s did. I couldn’t stop being happy with my friend because we were so so happy to look at our net book.

Miss G said to table one to come and get a net book so they did and then table two to get their net books, then table three. I was one of the table three people and I was so happy to get my net book. After that Miss. G said “does everyone have a net book” and we all said “yes” so she said “OK”. Miss G said to us to get our net book out off the box and then she said for us to open our net book and look at the shinning plastic thing at the top of the net book and pull it out and we did. We had to make up our own password and then log in. Miss G said to us to have a little play and we did for the first time.

It was fun for me because it was my first time to use the net book. The net book was for us to write on but not for playing games and not for doing what we want on the net book. It is our learning tool.

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