Friday, February 3, 2012

About Me

In my family I have four brother's and one girl. I like to play soccer with my bother's because we always have fun. I like to write because sometimes I learn from it and that is how I know how to write. In the holiday I helped my mum to clean up the house because she needed my help. 


Ana said...

Cool story Jane. I wish I could help my Mum clean the house as well.Are you in a soccer team or do you just play at home?

Romanadel said...

that is a cool story Jane. do you have fun with your brothers? are you bored because your the only girl?

folauhola said...

good,on you jane,my mum need's a lot of help. and i like to help her. i olny have 4 brothers,and 3 sister, it great to learn to write just like me.and i really love your story.

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