Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Prayer Time

It was a nice and cool day, everyone was so happy to come back to school.
Room three were sitting in a nice circle getting ready for prayer time. Everyone was being quiet and waiting for Rachel and Monique to start our prayer.

We got the cross, the purple cloth, the candles and the statue. The candles were lit and all room three know God is here with us once the candles are lit. The two girls are ready to start the pray. We all pray together and after that the two girls tell us to say the Our Father and we do.

Monique blows the candles and then the girls say “in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit Amen”. After prayer time Rachel and Monique pack up the cross, the purple cloth, the candles and the statue and all room three get ready to learn and are all happy.

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Miss G said...

Well done with your recount of Prayer time Jane. I like how you set the scene in your beginning. Make sure you keep the same tense throughout the text. That could be something you can work on in the future.

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