Friday, August 22, 2014

Expressive Writing


Everybody's got someone that's their friend...RIGHT!? 
But there are two type of friends. There is true friends and fake friends.

True friends are friends who would always take your side and not only that but would treat you like a family. A true friend would be the only one that would understand your situation while everyone else can't. Also a true friend would always be by your side no matter what. That true friend of yours would always be there for you to lean on when nobody is standing up for you. A true friend would lead you from wrong to right and would use the virtue of honestly in your everyday life. 

Fake friends just want to be friends with you because their using you for something. Some people just want to be friends because they want your food or they want you to do their work or copy your idea's just because you're friends. That's not what friends are meant to be. 
The sad part is that some people use their friends and that person that's been used can't realized that they've been used. Until someone tell's them that they'er getting used but that person who's been used ague's back and say's "no he/she wouldn't be using me because we're best friends".  

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