Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catholic School Day

Today is the celebration of Catholic school day. We had invited Saint Josephs from Orakei over to have a whole school mass and to celebrate Catholic school day together. 

At 11:00 we went to mass and St Joseph was lining up to go to mass too. Also their priest came to mass with Father Ioane, he was his helper for the mass.

After mass we had lunch together with the Saint Joseph kids. We got to take photos with them and also meet them. I had a friend from St Josephs and her name is Nia and she is year five and she is from Tonga. We went and played at the field with some other kids from her school. Then I started asking her questions like "how many kids to you have at your school?" I found out that they only have one hundred and something kids. 

After that we went to the hall for singing concert. We had to take turns at singing. They sang Count On Me by Bruno Mars. Then it was room seven's turn they sang Let It Go. After all our performances, Saint Joseph had to go back because their bus was waiting. I waved to Nia and she waved back with a big smile on her face.

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