Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Weird Neighbour

In the middle of the night I was asleep then suddenly I hear some music coming from my Neighbour they were having a party in the middle of the night.

I got up and shout “can you please turn down that music”! but they didn’t hear me. I went inside and I can still hear that song so I got my pillow and cover my ears. Then I thought that the party was finish and I ran outside to just see if it was finish. There were still people there but at seem like it over. I got inside the house and there were random people in the house they were singing, dancing, and eating. After that I was looking for the keeper of the house then I saw him I ask him “please can you have your party in the daytime because I am trying to go to sleep”?. Then the man said “ok” and they start to pack up their stuff and everyone went back home. I can finally have a sleep but it was only three minutes then day times so I harry inside to go and have a little sleep. When it  was daytime I can hear the party is on. I said to myself “oh no why did I even told that men to have his party this morning”.

After that the party was over everyone was gone and I went inside to have a sleep.

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