Sunday, June 10, 2012

Orienteering Week 1

On a sunny day room three, six and seven were ready for orienteering and we were happy too. We had some people that came to our school and they are Mr McGivern and his friend Miss Irene.

Mr Mcgivern explained to us how to play orienteering and he said “some kids like us got lost in the forest because they were playing orienteering and were following their map”. So we needed to listen so we wouldn’t get lost.

We went outside into the field and we had to get in two teams. One team went with Mr McGivern and the other term went with Miss Irene. We had to run around the circle and find clues to write on our paper.

As the bell rang everyone was so hungry and tired and wished not to do it again but really they did want to do it again. Everyone went to class and got their lunch to go and eat and while we went Mr McGivern and Miss Irene went and had their lunch, but first they had to pack up the stuff so the next class could come.

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