Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Holiday Recount

LEARN: To be able to share my experience about my Holiday.

I had a really enjoyable holiday. I also did a lot of babysitting, which I found fun.

During the holidays I went shopping with my cousin and my sister -in law. Shopping is one of my favourite doings. I only like going shopping to buy me shoes and jeans. My cousin is a really big fan of shopping, she goes mad every time we go Sylvia Park. Especially when  it goes to dresses and tops. My sister is not really into girly stuff such as crop tops, shorts, make up etc which is more like me. Going shopping with my sister brought light to my day. I enjoyed it because I got to know her better. I also learned what she likes and what she doesn’t like. I learned a lot about my sister just as much as she learned about me. To my surprise we have a few things in common. After our shopping we headed for a feast. The feast was more of a social talking rather than talking about how well our day has been. I didn’t really mind it but laughter was brought to the table when my cousin cracks a joke. Our day out was more like a reunion. I didn’t really care about shopping, I just wanted to get to know my sister more. I really enjoyed the day out.

Although I did mind my fifteen year old cousins silly comments and behaviour towards me. She didn’t realized that what she does affects others as well. I think that was the only down fall for the day, other than that I found it really enjoyable. I just couldn’t understand how immature my cousin was. The worse thing is that she was older than me and I’m more mature than her.

Finally we finished eating and we found it a bit difficult to walk back to the car, because we were so full. Well me and my sister got to the car quick but when we turn back my cousin was nowhere to be seen. So I ran back to the place where we were eating and there’s my cousin trying to walk with her stomach sticking out. I burst into laugh just to get back at her for her silly comments. I know it was a bit mean of me to do, but I did help her at the end. Once we were all in the car, my sister started driving and we were on our way home. The first thing I did when I got home was lay in my bed. I laid in my bed for a few whiles and then my vision goes pitch black because I was deadly asleep. I had no idea what happened next, all I remembered was waking up the next morning feeling confused.

I had such a wonderful holiday with my family. Time is too fast to be mad or angry at someone.

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