Friday, April 24, 2015

Anzac Celebration

Letter to Aurora,Valenisia,Joshua,Folauhola. 

Dear friends
This morning we had an wonderful mass celebrating Anzac. We dedicated this mass to those who lost their lives during world war one. After church we all gathered around the grotto. It was unusual for us to gathered around the grotto in an event like this. But we gathered in there because Anzac finally reached its hundredth year of anniversary.

In the grotto there were white crosses. The crosses reminds us of those who fought for New Zealand and lost their lives. We had some people from each class read a few words. Then we all read the poem and sang the National Anthem. We sang nicely and beautiful. From the mass upto the end everything was amazing. We all participated nicely and managed to do it with no fuss.

Yours sincerely.

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