Friday, November 30, 2012

The Lego story

Once upon a time there was an old man named Oli and he had four son and his wife. Oli started a toy shop with his son Godfrey in 1932 after Olis wife died. The toy shop was called Lego and they made toys out of woods. The toy shop was a family business.

The main characters were Olis four son and his wife and Oli too. Oli and Godfrey loved to make toys for the kids and also so they could have money for their family. One windy night there was an fire in the toy shop and everything burnt down.

After the fire Oli had to build a new toy shop which is called Lego. Oli and Godfrey run the family business together. Soon Oli died and Godfrey had to run the business by himself.

There was another fire in the toy shop so Godfrey had to rebuild Lego. After they built Lego Godfrey thought that he needed an airport also a bigger place to build Lego land. Lego land was all built and they are still going today.

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