Saturday, August 18, 2012

Apple Description

The Granny Smith apple is so delicious and it is  green like the grass.

It looks oval and it is a circle too. The apple is crunchy like a potato chip. The Granny Smith apple smells nice and fresh, it feels hard and it is easy to hold. Granny Smith’s taste yummy and sweet and they are juicy.

The apple is from the supermarket and the fruit shop. Apples are used for juicing, desserts and fruit salads. It is also used for people to eat.

The apple is special because it is good for people. Everyone in room three likes the Granny Smith apple because they are nice to eat.

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Rachel said...

Wow Jane that is amazing story you wrote. I liked the way you use your capital and full stops. But next time you can do better then this. Well done Jane.

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