Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Oktapodi is a short film and it is about a pink octopus and an orange octopus name Oktapodi. Oktapodi and the pink octopus are girlfriend and boyfriend and they love each other. All room three watched Oktapodi because we are learning about sharing our opinion with people.

There were two Octopus’ in the fish tank inside the fish shop, one Octopus named Oktapodi and the other one was his girlfriend. A little time later a man came and took the girlfriend away from Oktapodi. When Oktapodi saw his girlfriend with the man in the truck he escaped from the fish shop and chased the truck to get his girlfriend back. The man saw Oktapodi beside the truck then he was trying to get him off and they fought over the girlfriend because Oktapodi wanted to get the girlfriend back. The man wanted to take the girlfriend away. After the fight was over the girlfriend and Oktapodi got away from the truck and the man tried to get them back.
My opinion of this movie is that it was amazing
because they helped each other and they loved each other and it was a short film. I really enjoyed looking at Oktapodi even everyone in our class enjoy it too.

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